What can you store with us?

Whatever your storage need are, we are willing to provide you with a safe and secure solution that will allow you to store away your commercial goods, and take comfort in the knowledge that are in safe hands. Our commercial storage facilities will be able to fulfil all of your storage needs.

Our Security

Our storage facilities are fully equipped to safely and securely hold any items you wish to place in our care. Anything you store with us will be locked up and protected by around the clock CCTV, ensuring that everything you store with
us remains safe and secure.


The commercial storage facilities that we offer are based in Workington, placing it in a rather central and convenient location between Maryport, Whitehaven and Cockermouth. *We also offer loading and offloading of goods for all of our customers that wish to use this service*
Please note that the service we offer is purely for commercial use only.
We do not provide any personal storage solutions.